Dive Safety Information

Important Information when booking your diving with GO WEST Diving, and later on diving with us.

Each diver

  • needs to show proof of certification from an internationally recognized recreational diving Agency
  • You may be asked to show your logbook in addition to this
  • Everyone must sign the GO WEST Diving Waiver prior to any diving activities

Junior Open Water Divers

  • Junior Open Water divers between the ages of 10-15 must be accompanied by a certified parent or legal guardian in the water during diving
  • 10-14 year old Junior Open Water Divers are limited to 40 feet on all dives

Junior Advanced Open Water Divers

  • Junior Advanced Open Water divers must be accompanied by a certified parent or legal guardian in the water during diving
  • Junior Advanced Open Water Divers may dive to a maximum depth of 70 feet

Our Welcome Dive Policy

  • For safety reasons, all divers are required to do a welcome dive from shore prior to boat diving
  • If the date of last dive was 18 months to 5 years ago, a refresher course is required
  • If your last dive was 5-10 years ago, a scuba review course is required
  • If your last dive was over 10 years ago, an audit of a full Open Water certification course is required
  • You may be asked so show your logbook for verification

Experience and Certification Courses

  • All education requires the completion of a medical statement and may require clearance from a doctor
  • We recommend that all persons participating in an experience program and/or Certification course(s) have medical clearance from a doctor prior to arrival

Dive Site Schedule

  • GO WEST Diving has a set weekly schedule for dive sites
  • We work hard to maintain our schedule. However there are factors that may preclude us from visiting specific sites
  • This may be because of weather, sea state, safety, Curacao Port Authority orders
  • We cannot guarantee availability at all dive sites

Safety & Conservation of Our Marine Environment

  • GO WEST Diving endorses safe diving practices and expects environmental conservation during all dives
  • GO WEST Diving provides one Divemaster for every 11 divers on our boats. Their primary concern is your safety and the environment. Please pay attention to their briefings
  • Make sure to complete a safety stop of three minutes at 15 ft/5 meters prior to surfacing from all dives
  • Solo Diving is not allowed under any circumstance(s)
  • No Dive Gloves are allowed at any time on any dive
  • Zero Contact Rule in relation to the flora and fauna is in effect in all dives!!