Independent Shore Diving

The island of Curaçao offers about 70 dive sites, whereof about half of them you can dive from land. All shore dive sites are easy to find since the spots are marked along the roads of Curacao - just follow the signs and find another great dive site. Almost all shore diving spots are really easy going - even if you just got certified you can take a dive with your buddy - you can't get lost. Specially in the west all shore dive spots are calm and there is hardly any current.

Shore Diving on Curacao © Gerald NowakShore diving allows you a complete independent schedule - you just grap some tanks and your gear and start driving along the cost line of Curaçao. When you see a sign of a dive site just follow it - if you don't like it you keep on following the road and maybe follow the sign to the next dive sites. 

At some shore diving spots you will just find a lonely beach, other dive sites are located at a public beach where you have to pay a small entrence fee (between 3-5 guilders, 2-3 dollars), however, here you also can use the toilets and on-site facilities and even have lunch or a snack in the restaurant.

How to pick the best shore diving spots for your vacation?

Just ask our team at GO WEST Diving - they will tell you almost all secrets.